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Do you carry out backup of my web site?

All plans are hosted on a filer of Network Appliance, which keeps 5 backups of your web space at any time:

  • Day-1
  • Day-2
  • Day-3
  • Week
  • Week-1

The weekly backup is carried out on Sunday.

How can I recover the web files deleted in error?

  • 1. Launch FileZilla for example (FtpFileZilla manual)
  • 2. Remote Site: type /www/.snapshot/
  • 3. You are in the .snapshot directory. Choose the backup date
  • 4. Recover the files that you have deleted

Do you make backup of my database?

The backups of you databases are carried out automatically:

One of the last night (made at about 4am)
One of the last week (made from the sunday backup)

You can access these backups by modifying the name of the database in phpMyAdmin:

[database_name]-n for the night backup
[database_name]-s for the weekly backup

The SQL server, the username and the password of the database remain the same as those of your database.


You can only SELECT these backups, you don't have the write-access.